Whalebone tombstone

Thought it would be nice to make a tombstone for the  +1,6million whales that got harpooned for our comfort and daily needs back in the days and still.
Nowadays we got a lot smarter but still we manage to mess things up pretty good. I guess all generations have got their 'mistakes and failures' let us just learn something along the way.

Whalebone, mixed media


The seasaw

As we cut down our trees and empty our seas, this seasaw combines this two elements into one eye-opening piece.

Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Weapon of mass destruction

Selling a weapon has never been this easy.
The ammunition exists out of water and sugar that turns into a deadly black and sticky liquid after a chemical reaction.
This ammunition is available everywhere at anytime no questions asked and comes with a technical drawing/manual even kids can understand.

Mixed media

Flock of lights

Flock of light

Strong illuminating figures made out of sheep and goat skulls show a lighter side of death.


Dead butterflies don't cry


Sea the problem

Do you see it? 

Mixed media, mounted sea turtle, acrylic paint

Mixed Feelings

Mixed feelings

This work exists out of two overlapping paper cut-outs, illustrating a split personality almost impossible to see with the naked eye.
The continuous flow of lines and shapes describe a liquid form of feelings and mood.

Marker on paper
High quality frame/museum glass

The Birth Of The Ying And The Yang

The battle of the Yin and the Yang

After traveling trough Asia for a couple of months I ended up on a remote Island in Cambodia, there was no electricity, phone signal or running water, it did have a great bar.
If I was not making jungle walks with my girl or cleaning the beach you could find me here drinking and thinking.
One day I tought and drank enough this drawing fell out of my pen.
After I finished the drawing I noticed a very relaxing feeling while staring at it and felth like everything was coming together perfectly.
As I came home in Belgium I immediately made a big version of it.
After looking at it in my house for days I discovered the reason and meaning of the drawing.
“The battle of the Yin and the Yang”



Experimental model of where we are and where we are going.

Mixed media